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How to Store Your White Wine Without a Wine Fridge

If you do not have a wine fridge and have no idea how to store your wine? Here are ways to keep your white wine at home.

Many people think wine should be kept in the kitchen, but it is not suitable to store wine. This is because it is the warmest and most well-lit room in the house. Also, there is a constant fluctuation in temperature. If you do not have a wine cellar fridge, wine should be stored somewhere with a cool, even temperature. Here are some simple tips on storing white wine without a fridge.

1. Keep in a box

If you are not ready to drink your white wine and do not have a white wine temperature fridge to store it, it is better to keep it in the box. The box helps to minimise the effects of external temperature fluctuations.

2. Store where the temperature is always stable

The environment temperature in which the wine bottles are stored must be as stable as possible. The changes risk altering the quality of the wine, and temperatures that are too high or too low can compromise its maturation.

 If you don’t have the possibility to use a wine cellar fridge, at least make sure that the room where you keep the bottles has a temperature between 10 ° C and 16 ° C. The standard storage temperature for white wine is 10-12 °C.

3. Keep away from exterior walls

Keep away from the exterior walls when you want to store your white wine. It reduces the effects of outdoor temperature on the wine. You can keep it in wardrobes or spaces under stairs.

4. Store white wine in a humid environment

The percentage of humidity present in the environment is also a crucial factor to consider when choosing where to store wine. A cellar that is too dry can cause the dry cork phenomenon and facilitate the oxidation of the wine. On the other hand, a too humid cellar risks causing mould to develop on the corks, compromising the quality of the wine. The ideal would be to maintain a constant humidity level between 60% and 80%.

5. Keep the wine out of the light

Wine loves the dark. Natural light and the artificial light of neon can trigger oxidative processes and cause wine alteration. The solution is a dark environment or with a soft light. You can also store the bottles in a wooden or thick cardboard box, thus protecting the glass from light infiltrations.

6. Store bottles horizontally

To make a closed wine bottle last longer, store the wine bottle horizontally on a wooden shelf or slightly inclined (5 °). In this way, the wine will always wet the cork, leaving it moist and elastic and making it adhere well to the neck of the bottle. This simple trick prevents air from entering and prevents the wine from oxidising.

7. Create a ventilated, odour-free environment

The environment to store wine bottles must be quiet, free from vibrations, but well ventilated. It is not recommended to keep the wine in a room with cured meats and cheeses. Wine absorbs odours, and you could risk altering its aromas and flavours.